About Brighter Futures

To be happy is your birth right! We are here in this physical body to enjoy every single moment and not to suffer or to just work on the hamster wheel to pay our bills.


However, sometimes our core beliefs are not in line with our desires and we do not understand why we are not getting what we want.

Let us change your reality from the inside out and bring about a brighter future moment to moment. 

Ask yourself:

  • Am I truly doing what I love for living? 

  • How much energy I get back from the work I do?

  • Do I need a professional change?

  • Have I outgrown my job? 

  • Do I have a more authentic way to express myself into the world? 

  • How much is my current vocation costing me? e.g. not expanding in the things that I truly love, not enough time with family and friends, etc.

  • Do I really know what is the true passion of my heart?  

  • Is the environment where I am in really supporting my growth? 

Brighter Futures offers you support in bringing new ideas into fruition coming from your own heart that match your unique, wonderful and irreplaceable personality.

The world needs you just as you truly are and you can earn your living just by being yourself!

Tools are available

For the ones that are ready and have an open mind, we can combine the consulting sessions with wisdom and tools that can help us to connect with our true intuition, with the universe and with the love that is ever present around us. 

During our sessions, I could use all what I have learned from my own teachers, coaches and guides and pass this wisdom to you, if you are open to receive. 

I have been directly coached by the renowned Author Belinda Womack. You can check her interviews on Gaia T.V.

The tools and tips that I can share with you are from her as well as from other great teachers such as Eckart Tolle, Sheila and Marcus Gillette, Esther Hicks, Jane Roberts, Lee Harris, Byron Katie, Rebecca Campbell, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Christie Marie Sheldon, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharishi among others. 

I believe that the universe wants to help us if we allow it!  


If you want the little boost from the universe, we could also include some wisdom teachings in our sessions.