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Intuitive Business Idea Generator
Create a positive impact in the world 

Give your true passion an opportunity to reach more people, sustain you financially and bring you joy every single day!


I want to create a new business

I want to up-level my current business

I want to expand my infinite potential 

I want to get material for self-passed learning

What is here for you...

If you feel a strong calling to serve humanity, Brighter Futures helps you to get concrete business ideas that are unique for you, that are easy to implement and maintain. This can provide you with additional income, but most importantly, the joy of doing more of what you love. 

Moreover, if you already have a company and want to create a new offering or re-design your business, Brighter Futures helps you to define a new strategy with more impact to expand your business to the next level.


Everything happens always in divine order. If you landed here on this website, there is a part of you wants to manifest new opportunities, synchronicities, resources or a creative idea that will move you forward in your life in a practical way.

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment:

You create a good future by creating a good present.”

                          -Eckhart Tolle


This page is for you if

You understand that you create your own reality

You are willing to question your beliefs and thoughts

You want to help humanity & use your talents to do so 

You want to work for the greatest good and the highest joy of all concerned 

Create a new business

Finding with you, your key offering to the world and giving you suggestions to get started with a new business from the comfort of your home with the resources that you have. 

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Up-level my business

Giving you concrete applied ideas to either up-level your existing business or create a new innovative offering that can bring you more of want you truly want 

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Do inner work 

Finding with you, your key offering to the world and giving you suggestions to get started with a new business from the comfort of your home with the resources that you have. 

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Learn at your own pace

Providing you classes for inner transformation, that will change your life in the most miraculous ways. 

Here you will find material from my own teachers and partners. 

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Our Approach

You already are everything you wish to be. (Sara Landon). 


When you truly know and feel your worthiness, you manifest all of your dreams and desires.  

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Baukje Westerlaken, NL

Natalia is amazing! With enormous clarity and understanding of businesses and their online presence, Natalia came up with a few golden ideas within hours of me asking her for help. I feel energized, her ideas are fresh, fit my personality perfectly and I am eager to implement them right away! 

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Karen Crehan Sayago, NY

Natalie is wise beyond her years. In the many conversations that I have had with her, Natalie helps me to see that things are not just black and white. She helps me to understand the possibilities of everything in between.   

Natalie has a gift of being able to see the bigger picture and she helps you to see this potential also.  She connects you with what will be most beneficial to you for what you want to achieve.

I would definitely recommend having a session with Natalie.   Her wisdom will help you grow to be the highest version of yourself.


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Diane Cook, NY

Natalia has both a very loving and high “vibe” energy.  After she speaks with you for a short while she is able to provide numerous ideas to “jump start” your existing business or give you ideas to start a business.  All of her ideas align with your values and will benefit and attract customers/clients and also enhance your business and personal essence.